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Program Description Target Frequency Schedule Resources
Community Education Programs-Ex offenders, Rehabilitation Computer Literacy, Financial Literacy, Work Literacy, job training, drug awareness Immigrants, the unemployed, the under-employed, low income earners, ex-offenders Monthly 2-3days per week.
New class starts at the beginning of each month.
March to December Instructors, Upgraded computer systems, training software, suppliers, flyers, adverts.
Food Bank Community food distribution program Immigrants, low-income families, destitute Bi-annual April
Storage, bags, freezers for perishable foods, shelves; personal hygiene products to include in take home bags. Lots of volunteers for collating and bagging. Flyers and adverts.
Community Car care/repair Car care/repair program Single mothers, senior citizens Bi-annual May
Flyers, adverts, Volunteers
Back to School Supplies Distribution of school supplies to school children in the Southwest communities School age children from low income homes Annual August Flyers, adverts, transportation, volunteers, storage
Thanksgiving Community Outreach Turkey distribution Indigent population in communities served Annual November 28 Turkeys, Bags, Volunteers, Storage, transportation
Christmas Gift/Toy Distribution Distribution of toys and Xmas gifts to children in the community. Young children from ages 12months to 14years Annual December New Gifts, tags, volunteers, transportation, storage.
Fund Raising Campaign Dinner, Award Ceremony, Corporations, High net-worth individuals, foundations, churches, the general public, internet sources, raffle draw etc. Three Main Events plus ongoing private campaign June- Public
October- Nigerian Community
Private Solicitation- Year round
Volunteers to participate in planning, stationery, stamps, stuffing envelopes, lists of invitees, underwriting of venue, compeers, booking fee, food expense, drinks, entertainment, hall decorating expense awards/plagues.
African Community Development Projects Shipping of Medical and educational supplies to Africa. Nigeria, Ghana and other select African countries Quarterly March
Partners in the destination countries. Video camcorder, digital camera for proper documentation, clearing the containers, cost of shipping (in some cases), cost of personnel to assemble/install equipment (e.g. wheel chairs). Storage in destination countries.