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The Alliance of Civil and Non – Governmental Organization for Africa (ACNA) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization. It is a think tank dedicated to improving the lives of Africans through ideas and action. We combine bold policy ideas with a modern communications platform to help shape the national interest, expose the hollowness of partisan and oppressive governing philosophy, and challenge the various governments of Africa to focus on the issues that truly matter to the masses. It is a collection of bright and passionate thinkers of Africans and her friends on issue of social emancipation and economic well being for the masses of Africa.

Our interest builds upon progressive ideals of the Millennium Development Goals put forth by the United Nations. We draw from the great social and economic plans of the World Bank and International Monetary Funds for Africa and universally acceptable labor rights and worker safety, to civil rights and women's suffrage. We exist to translate those values into practical ideas and action firmly rooted in the economic and political realities of the Africans.

The Alliance is designed to provide long-term leadership ethics and support to the progressive movement centered in helping the poor in Africa. Our ability to develop thoughtful policy proposals and engage in the war of ideas with nonchalant African leaders is unique and effective.

Our policy experts cover a wide range of issue areas, and often work across disciplines to tackle complex, interrelated issues such as food security, Confronting the disease of poverty to meet the MDGs-Digital health and African development, accessibility to drinkable water, energy, and climate change and its on economic development in Africa.

Our Focus:

  • Restoring ethical global leadership in Africa and as such making Africa relevant to world affairs..

  • Seizing the energy opportunity to create a clean, innovation-led economy that supports a sustainable environment.

  • Creating progressive growth that's robust and widely shared, and restoring economic opportunity for the masses of Africa.

  • Delivering universal health care so that quality, affordable health services are available to all Africans.

What We Believe

We believe Africa is a land of boundless opportunity, where people can better themselves, their children, their families, and their communities with the right leadership and various interest groups for Africa.

These beliefs can be achieved through collaborations and opportunities that allow the masses to receive technological education and the freedom to climb the ladder of economic mobility. We believe an open and effective government can champion the common good over narrow self-interest, harness the strength of our diversity, and secure the rights and safety of its people. And we believe the leadership and its policies must always be a beacon of hope and strength to the poor people of Africa.


How We Work

Through dialogue with Africa leaders, thinkers, and various international groups, we explore the vital issues facing Africa. We develop a point of view and take a stand. We then build on that and develop bold new ideas. We involve in the implementations of international and national policies affecting the masses of Africa. We involve our selves in creating the enabling social and environmental support for meaningful economic and human development of the masses of Africa.

We shape Africa issues/policies. We share our point of view with everyone who can put our ideas into practice and effect positive change. That means online, on campus, in the media, on the shop floor, in faith communities, and in the boardroom. We take our ideas even to parliaments and statehouses.



Alliance of Civil society and Non-government organization for Africa (ACNA)

ACNA is an excellent way for various nonpartisan interests group working for the interest of the masses in Africa to establish close relationships with one another. These partnerships allow any organization to creatively learn, work, and solve problems through educational, business, professional, and technical exchanges and projects.

Mission & Goals of ACNA

ACNA’s mission is to promote efficiency of deliveries of humanitarian services to Africa through mutual respect, understanding, & cooperation — one individual, one village/community/country at a time.

The goal of the organization is to develop partnerships among various civil societies and non governmental organizations serving the continent of Africa. Additionally, we work with local organization to participate in people-to-people, village-to-village exchanges and to build long-term partnerships between Africa and international organizations. Our relationships transcend national politics with the ultimate goal of Africa development and general well-being of the poor.

Partners of ACNA are entitled to many benefits through our programs and services:

As a partner of ACNA, you enjoy exclusive access to the best practices database featuring economic development, humanitarian assistance, youth, sustainable development, and arts projects. You can also download useful "Members Only" toolkits and guides on fundraising, communications, program assessment and more. Exclusive access to our online searchable database allows partners to network with members throughout the world.


All ACNA members will receive official listings in both print and online versions of the Membership Directory. In addition, receive our bi-monthly e-Newsletter, and a copy of our Annual Partnership Directory.

Annual Conference

The Annual Conference allows partners from across the countries of Africa and the world to network with hundreds of local government leaders, business executives, educators, international leaders, and community activists who will be on hand to discuss projects, programs and partnerships.

Project Stories Databases

Organizations seeking to build relationships have access to a beneficial tool found on our website that allows international partners looking for a project partnership to submit a profile of your organization with details of the types of projects and programs you are interested in. The searchable "Tell your project Database" allows a partner to share their project successes, personal experiences, and fundraising achievements.

Youth and Education Programs

ACNA promotes youth programs such as the Africa Youth leadership Exchange conference (hold in conjunction with the Annual Conference), and the Youth and Education Network.

Grant and Awards Opportunities

Through the Annual Awards Program, ACNA annually honors exemplary partners and donors to Africa development for their achievements. In addition, ACNA also maintains an updated list of grant opportunities for projects and humanitarian programs that partners may apply to on our website.

Faith Based Partnership Initiative

ACNA recognizes that in order to secure a more peaceful future, we must encourage better understanding and cooperation among religious group of the world. The Faith Based Partnership Initiative seeks to provide Africa communities and communities in the Faith world support and opportunities for positive direct engagement with one another. Equally encourage partnership with Faith based organization and other civil organization in dealing with social and emotional issues of the needy people in Africa.

National/State Coordinators

For partners in the United States, state coordinators serve as another resource for information and support for the partners in their states. The national coordinators in Africa countries provide similar support to partners in their respective countries. Our State/National coordinators are experienced partners of ACNA, providing assistance and support for nation-wide ACNA’s programs.

Network for Sustainable Development

Partners can apply to join our Network for Sustainable Development; a network of our partnerships is dedicated to responding to the challenges of achieving sustainable rural development of Africa. Provide humanitarian aid to Africa and Emergency Disaster Response to Africa during artificial and natural disasters.

For more information, please email (fetula@hotmail.com) or call 713-296-9491