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Drug Awareness & Rehabilitation Program

Statistics show that in the United States, 70% of the individuals in the criminal justice system are drug and alcohol related offenders. One in five high school seniors are marijuana users and 90% or 12th graders have friends who use alcohol, while 63% know someone who has a drinking problem and 26% have friends who use LSD, cocaine.

Rehoboth utilizes a two-pronged program called “Staying Clean” to help end the vicious cycle of drug and alcohol addiction that leads to incarceration. It is an alternative sentencing program which identifies the types of strongholds that can master our lives and how the problems of one person can affect several members of the society. The first portion of the program emphasizes determent. It targets youth presently in middle school who have not been involved with the criminal justice system.

The second part of the program targets first time offenders to are referred through the court system that are in need of counseling. Hence, our rehabilitation centers serve as half-way houses.

Ex-Offender Rehabilitation Program

Tangible strides in reducing hunger, drug addiction and homelessness by developing a tactical transition program for helping solve problems through a spiritual context .Target first time offenders referred through the court system that are in need of counseling, vocational training and job placement through our wraparound process. The overall goal is to prevent and overcome life controlling issues that master our lives in an environment that is empathetic to the people involved especially in our re-entry program thereby reducing the rate of recidivism to incarceration