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Help for the Homeless & Impoverished

We are committed to providing utilities, food, clothing, furniture, and other basic necessities to homeless and needy families. Everyone deserves the chance to succeed! We help individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages achieve basic comfort, find employment and live independently. We help strengthen the community by helping at-risk youth avoid crime. We also help in alleviating the isolation and loneliness of frail seniors.

  • We develop and prepare homeless and individual with disabilities for corporate and community leadership - Assist homeless in educational, personal, and technical development through mentoring, coaching and encouragement.

  • We are dedicated to provide a caring environment that enhances creative problem solving, democratic process diversity, social responsibility and the development of the whole youth who are homeless and deprived.

  • We empower children and adults who are homeless with means to reach their dreams, pursue lifelong learning and take charge of their lives.

  • We aim to eventually, provide long-term home care to homeless, frail, dependent children, support caregivers, and enable families to remain together in order to prevent the institutionalization of children.