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The Single Parents Project

Highlights of the Single Parents Assistance Educational Programs include: Communication, Money Management, Stress Management, Nutrition, Child Management, Legal Rights, Career Guidance and Business Startup Programs.

Our focus is primarily directed towards providing the following services:

  • TEACHING - We accept the fact that no society can live beyond the moral and ethical standards of the family that make it up; and moral soundness is crucial to family soundness. We believe that the Creator of marriage unfolds His objective truths to surrendered hearts through the perception of divine/marital doctrines.

  • COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT - Alone or divided, we cannot win any battle against the enemies of our homes. Community means, “joint participation”. As we reach out and assist single parents, the homeless and others, we are painting a vivid portrait of our Creator’s love for mankind. True love is expressed through “deed” as well as “word”.

  • DIVORCE CARE - Anyone, who has ever experienced the pain of divorce, knows the need for the comfort and support of those around. We offer a weekly Divorce Seminar which is conducted via a support group. The seminar consists a 30-minute video presentation and a small group discussion guided by a caring leader. The videos feature top experts in recovery and real life people who have traveled the road of divorce.

  • SOLO PARENTING - Single parents face life issues and circumstances, which call for the community to demonstrate practical affection. The Solo Parenting program is a ministry for and with singles parents and their children to provide material assistance, role models, encouragement, and help both parent and child understand their true identity in life.

  • SOCIAL EVENTS - The Single Life Fellowship is a group of caring single adult families and single parent families who desire to follow the principles of moral soundness and, at the same time, enjoy life and have fun! Retreats, sporting events, travel, camping; various indoor and outdoor events, comedy and drama are included in our calendar of events throughout the year.