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Everyone deserves the chance to succeed! We help individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages achieve basic comfort, find employment and live independently. We accept the fact that no society can live beyond the moral and ethical standards of the family that make it up; and moral soundness is crucial to family soundness. Click the available links to learn more about our Programs and Activities.

Current Programs & Projects
In the communities which it serves, Rehoboth’s planned objectives are to meet essential human needs such as can provide temporary assistance, for example: food, clothing, household items, financial aid, transportation, job search assistance, employment preparation, relevant education, literacy and development programs. These are provided to target groups made up of poor, needy, homeless, unemployed persons, disadvantaged youths, single parent homes, immigrants and under-empowered community members.

The following programs are available to meet the specific needs of the various groups identified both in the United States and in motherland Africa.

  • Community Education
    In line with the current global trend towards capacity development for sustainable self sufficient existence, instead of a continuous cycle of giving handouts to less privileged persons, Rehoboth plans to provide opportunities for lifelong learning of vocational skills, career training, leisure learning, and hobby development. The organization also has plans to provide specific literacy programs for the Southwest Houston community and its environs, in the areas of computer literacy, health literacy, financial literacy, GED, adult general literacy and youth tutoring/mentoring programs.

  • Summer Programs and Back to School materials
    We also provide summer activities for youths and back to school assistance to the needy children.

  • Community Assistance
    Rehoboth through its community assistance programs meets immediate emergency and short term needs of qualifying community members by providing food, clothing, furniture, home appliances and other household needs. Rehoboth food pantry provides food and toiletries year round. Annual programs include special Thanksgiving and holiday meal programs, a back-to-school supplies distribution program, car care/repair program for singles and the elderly, grandmothers’ forum and a Christmas gifts/toys distribution program for children in the various communities that we serve.

  • Job Search Help & Employment Readiness Assistance
    Rehoboth recently added this program to cater to the needs of the unemployed and under-employed for job search assistance, job referrals, job placement, updated workplace skills, computer literacy, resume writing workshops, mock interviews, interview workshops, skills assessment/evaluation, career counseling, ethics training, leadership training, etiquette training, workshops in meeting today’s needs for workplace excellence/professionalism and even more.

  • Entrepreneurship & Business Development Program
    Rehoboth provides business education, mentoring and start-up assistance programs for individuals and groups in the community through its partnership relationship with a network of business consultancy providers.

  • African Community Development Project
    Rehoboth provides a platform for Africans in Diaspora to give back to the motherland by participating in development programs in specific areas of education, health, and social development, hunger eradication and provision of drinking water to rural communities.

    Rehoboth has undertaken medical missions to Nigeria and plans to organize more during the year 2008. Rehoboth plans to make significant impact in the distribution of wheelchairs to the disabled in select African countries.

    Rehoboth has plans for a million-meal project to address the problem of hunger in Africa. The organization is currently partnering with universities and experts in the field of agriculture to provide the required technical assistance and expertise to cultivate land and grow crops for export to emerging new markets for consumption and use as alternative fuels, using the most sophisticated state-of-the-art large scale mechanized farming methods.

  • Africa House Project
    Rehoboth has long term plans to construct a one-stop African resource center as part of the Africa House project. The main objectives of this project are to project a positive image of Africa, give a sense of belonging to Africans in the United States and form a creative umbrella for socio-cultural interactions. Other features would include:
    • Multi-purpose facilities for African events (including weddings, meetings and other cultural activities);
    • Training center for vocational education, hobby development and skills acquisition;
    • Tourist and resort facility (with African palace concept) for African leaders/celebrities;
    • Unique/traditional guest house accommodation and resort center for those want to share a true African experience;
    • Educational programs for young Africans in America with focus on their African identity, culture, language skills and values;
    • African museum and zoo;
    • Integrated service center for humanitarian organizations;
    • Restaurant to provide African delicacies in its culturally relevant environment;
    • Center for African Research Development;
    • African Libraries and historical centers, AFRICAN DNA Information Center;
    • Liaison offices for various consulates and international corporate organizations.